The ever love-hate relationship between US and AQ - courting and fighting alternately

Despite being one of the chief sponsors of all Al-Qaeda franchises,  Saudi Arabia has reportedly sealed off its border with Iraq fearing a  similar fate of Saudi border towns and cities as of Mosul and Tikrit.    ISIL is not just fighting Nouri al-Malki and Bashar al-Assad.  It's also  just as much at loggerheads with other AQ factions and FSA groups.   With videos showing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (ISIL leader) going on a  rampage across large chunks of Iraq, declaring his "caliphate" and  forcing Iraqis to pledge loyalty to him, just about everyone seems to be  unnerved .... except USA and Israel.  They aren't afraid, but are  sheepishly wondering how to handle their dragon which has grown from a  malnourished kid languishing in places like camp x-ray into a fat and  spoiled, rich, bratty bully!   After pampering ISIL for three years with  money, drugs and weapons of their choice, the US now feels cornered  with no other option but to spank its Frankenstein .. at least a little  bit.

In addition to 500 marines (who are seldom emotionally stable  without a penchant for crimes such as target shooting of civilians for  fun and raping of women as seen earlier for eight years in Iraq), the  skies over Iraq are again reportedly buzzing with drones and black helicopters.

ISIL's sudden and recent blitz in Iraq has more or less erased some of  its borders with Syria.  But this has served as an advantage to the Syrian  Air Force which lately bombed some important ISIL positions in Iraq  owing to the inefficiency of the Iraqi air  force similar to its army  that left its clothes and vamoosed on June 9th, giving Mosul as a gift  on a silver platter to the enemy.  Additionally, Iran is reported to have  sent its fleet of Sukoi-24 fighter jets to Iraq.  Russia has sent  fighter planes and advisers to Baghdad.   Until a few months ago, did  White House ever imagine in its wildest of dreams that the scenario for  itself could get as humiliating and befuddling as this?

To dampen the embarrassment of the United States having to tame its  own monster, the Western mainstream media is cracking some of the  craziest jokes to further dupe the insular sheeple.  Its comical  portrayal goes on the following lines:  Syrian government is the most  oppressive in the world. It gassed its people in August 2013, killed  more than 150,000 Syrians and displaced 9 million.  Iran is the leading  sponsor of terror in the world.  It supports Nouri al-Malki who is one  of the most despotic rulers in this planet.  Russia illegally annexed  Crimea based on expansionist policies and had to be booted out of the  G8.  And now, poor United States is being forced to work with these rogue  states and balance its relations with them making sure its Apache  helicopters don't get involved in friendly fires.  

 Not even a  whisper about the permanent allies of the US - Saudi Arabia, Israel and  Turkey.  How humane or un-despotic are they?  Whose 'baby' has Nouri  al-Malki been since 2006?  Would he ever come to power if the US  hadn't endorsed him?   Did Assad really gas his people in August 2013?    Isn't eleven months a long enough period to study and get the smell of a  false flag?  If Assad really was behind it, then how did the Sarin  poison gas used for gassing the residents of Ghouta in Damascus district  test the same as the lot in possession of Al-Nusra's stock of chemical  weapons which they used earlier on the residents of Khan al-Assal in  March 2013?  
Why would Bashar al-Assad choose Ghouta in Damascus district as the 'venue'  for chemical attack which is barely 30 minutes drive from his  presidential residence?  Were the 162,000 Syrians who have until now perished in  this war been killed by the Syrian Army alone?   How come?  This figure  includes over 40,000 Syrian Army officials and soldiers as well.  Who  killed them?   Who has been funding Al-Nusra, ISIL and other factions to gatecrash from  Turkey to Syria with weapons far more sophisticated than the ones used  by the Syrian Arab Army?

Wake up sheepl.  For how much longer will you survive on  the mud fed to you by your cheating media?   For how much longer will  you allow it to insult your intelligence?  You deserve better.