The most difficult question ever

Who are suffering more .. the Rohingyas or the Palestinians or the Syrians?

And now a simpler question that no one wants to answer.  I ask  the West, how do you feel supporting the killer Buddhists?  Do  those murderers still look ""peaceful"" to you?  Where are your  "humanitarians" now?  Scratching their fat rumps?

Much too unacceptable!  Is this really the 21st century ????


Sittwe, a drowsy town in western Burma, is a shattered place. I was first  here five years ago, back when ethnic Rakhine Buddhists sold vegetables  next to Muslim Rohingya fishermen.

Today, Sittwe, like much of the surrounding state of Rakhine, exists in  virtual apartheid. There are no Muslims at the market. Their mosques  have been bulldozed, even though one state official in late 2012 told me  with a smile that nothing had been destroyed, nothing at all. Did he  think I could not see the rubble, with torn pages of children’s prayer  books underfoot? Evicted from their homes, more than 140,000 Rohingya  now live sequestered behind checkpoints. Diseases fester in these crude  camps. In June a top U.N. aid official who traveled to Rakhine said she  had never before “witnessed [such] a level of human suffering.”

The U.N. estimates that 86,000 people, mainly Rohingya, have fled by  boat in the two years since clashes erupted between the majority  Buddhist and Muslim populations. In the 1980s, the all-Buddhist military  junta stripped most Rohingya of their citizenship, claiming that they  were recent immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh. But many Rohingya  have lived for generations in Burma. The country is now ruled by a  quasi-civilian government praised by the West for its reforms.

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The Rohingyas, Burma's forgotten Muslims by James Nachtwey