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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Being wise after the event

Is  the world now supposed to endorse the US and its allies for their stand  against their former mercenaries, ISIS, in Iraq?   Until the other day  these brutes were goaded as an indispensable part of the  "Syrian  opposition striving to bring democracy in Syria."   And what now?

 According to Obama "ISIS is cancer and does not belong to the 21st century."  Kerry says "ISIS will be crushed."   The Saudi mufti denounces ISIS.   Where were these condemnations when the  bloodbath in Syria was going full throttle?   It's so easy to be smart  after the fact.    But nix, the fact was never a secret;  you reap what  you sow.   What else would you eventually expect if you mollycoddled a  bunch of deadly smoking-gun racketeers for three years?

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