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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Expectation of good news brought nothing

Secretary of State, John Kerry, stays silent about the genocide during his visit to Burma.

Referring to my earlier blog post August 6 ..
Some good news for Rohingya Muslims

We were expecting John Kerry to stand up for a little justice, open his mouth and tell the murderous Burmese government and the Buddhist majority to stop the genocide against the minority Muslims.  But he did not.  The bugger said absolutely nothing to his killer friends.  

Quoting the comment of Burma Task Force USA:

"US Secretary of State has been in Myanmar the past few days but he did not say the word "Rohingya" once.

The topic of the Rohingya Muslims was breezed  through and the talks of maintaining good politics quickly overshadowed  the immediate need to stop the genocide in Burma."

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