Foreign policy or sitcom?

After  adoring, arming and enriching Al-Nusra and ISIS (now called IS) for  years in Syria, their sponsors & financiers are talking of helping the Iraqi Kurds to fight one of their Frankensteins who are  chasing the Yazidis in northern Iraq.  Too little, too late .. unless  the West decides to begin writing a brand new chapter in history which  won't be a cake walk either nor the wisest plan for a meaningful  breakthrough.  Hence if you're wondering what the consequences might be -  a blurry and embarrassing mess for the US and EU.   Not surprising though.  The peshmergas or the Kurd forces have admitted they're no match for IS unless they're similarly loaded with sophisticated military hardware by the West.  One can imagine how much  IS must be  thanking its future bombers!  According to the Director of  Kurdish Intelligence, Masroor Barazani, his forces need "modern  weapons" and "heavy armament" to match the weapons recently acquired by  IS.    

Recently acquired by IS ??    From where?  

By the way, the United Nations suddenly wakes up declaring the Iraqi crisis a "level 3 emergency."  How come this notoriously nincompoop organization never spoke of any  "emergency levels" in Gaza and Syria?