Gaza Genocide 2014: Where are Al-Nusra and ISIL?

Gaza is under one of the bloodiest attacks by  Zionist killers.  Gaza needs to be defended.  But the negligence, nay  repugnance, by the world's largest groups of international "jihadists" at the mere  thought of stepping forward to assist Gaza is impossible not to  observe.  Where the heck are Abu Bakr Baghdadi and Abu Mohammed  al-Golani?   Still striving to "free" the Syrians and Iraqis from  "oppression" and bestowing on them a "caliphate?"   Are these twunts not yet aware that Israeli bombs, shells and guns have butchered and displaced almost  half of Gaza's population?  Is there anyone who cannot sense the conspicuous silence of the  "jihadists" and their firebrand fatwa-babbling uber hawk sheikhs?  They accelerated their killing machines to the maximum, amassing  state-of-the-art weaponry and $$$$ from the West and their Arab allies, turning Syria  into a slaughterhouse.  Where are those swashbuckling heroes now?  Images from  the real-life dystopia in Gaza have left the entire world in a state of shock, tearful and restless.  But not a word from the Salafist "jihadists" claiming to restore a "pious caliphate."

ISIL  supposedly captured Mosul with a single warning through a cell phone message followed by plenty of  tyranny and ordering Muslims around the world to pledge allegiance.   But  confronting Israel apparently cannot be categorized as a 'sacrifice' according to AQ's "jihadist" altruism, can it?  Regardless of the perpetual infighting between Al Qaeda groups, the  outstanding features that unite them are false virtue and duplicity.   Why would anyone want to bite the hand of a friend's friend?  The  former has been feeding them generously for three years. The latter has set up  numerous field hospitals in occupied Golan Heights to nurse their  injured comrades on the run in Syria.

Hamas soldiers stood next to Al-Nusra in the battlefield of Quseir (June/July 2013) by  risking their own lives, ignoring the rift between Muslim Brotherhood  and the Saudi backed Al-Qaeda, and shattering their much needed solidarity with Hezbollah and Syria only to help their new 'jihadi' cronies.  But  returning the gratitude to Hamas could be a dangerous quid pro quo and an 'unwise' step that may augur ill for the future of self-obsessed mercenaries.  It  begs the question, which of the two ditched Hamas by showing it a bigger  portion of their rump - the Egyptians or the Al Qaeda stalwarts? 

But no surprise.  With the sort of zealous wrangling between these two  AQ moguls to grab power, could such self-centrism  call for any sympathy for the mass murder of innocent civilians  blockaded by Israel for the last eight years?  They have already destroyed  hundreds of thousands of innocent lives across Syria and Iraq over the  past decade without a shred of remorse and with no reasons to believe  that the mayhem has ended.  For them, Israel is their silent partner  behind the veil.  Gaza is simply Israel's headache while their own  blood-drenched adventurism stretches from Diyala in Iraq to Aleppo in  Syria, along with all its grotesque backroom deals with the  colonialists.