Help the Yazidis but don't use them to hide other crimes

Yesterday President Obama announced air strikes on his ally, Al Qaeda group ISIL, for advancing north into Iraqi Kurdistan, trapping the minority Yazidi sect of northern Iraq and inflicting tyranny.  So today the Western mainstream media is all abuzz with the news "yazidi, yazidi and yazidi."   What else did Obama expect after equipping ISIL with weapons and money for three years?  But what a sneaky spin to distract the world from another murderous ally, Israel, and the mayhem it's been carrying out in Gaza.  We see again how Israel and AQ keep serving each others' interest.

Now focus on the following carefully:

-  Gaza under siege for over 7 years.

-  In the past 3 weeks, 2,000 Gazans butchered (500 children).

-  10,000 seriously injured/maimed with serious burns, lifelong disabilities (physical + mental).

-  At least 125 families have lost 3 or more family members in the same attack.

-  2,000 family homes destroyed.

-  Over 30,000 artillery shells fired.

-  Over 4,000 targets hit.

-  30% of Gaza's 1.8 million population displaced.

Shops, mosques, government & private buildings turned into rubble. More than 60 mosques destroyed, turned to dust.

-  Gaza's power plant completely destroyed.

-  More than 135 factories in shambles.

-  Gaza's already limited healthcare sector is in a state of emergency and unable to handle the load.

-  Deliberate Israeli attacks targeting hospitals and healthcare professionals in Gaza.

-  Deliberate Israeli attacks against Palestinian journalists in Gaza - 13 journalists killed. 

-  A low-end estimate of rebuilding Gaza at present is $ 5 billion.  

Compared to all of the above, 40,000 Yazidi minority in Iraq are reportedly trapped at Mount Sinjar (northern Iraq) and as New York Post writes "dying of hunger and thirst and devoid of much support from a faltering Iraqi government."  So, Obama wants to bomb northern Iraq to save the Yazidis.  Needless to say, what's happening to the poor Yazidis is tragic.  But Obama's move to protect them is hypocritical, NOT sympathetic.  Many, many, many, many more Palestinians are trapped in Gaza dying miserable deaths (excluding those already killed) and far from preventing the slaughter, Obama is providing more weapons to their Israeli killers.  ISIL killed plenty more Syrians than Yazidis for three years in Syria, and again, Obama continued helping ISIL and its comrades to kill greater and greater number of Syrians.  In fact United States is officially still helping the terrorists to run their killing machine in Syria.

Everyone in the world is not the sort of flaming idiot you would want them to be, Mr. Obama.