It's again time to hoodwink the American people

While constantly portraying ISIS as a separate entity from AQ,  the corporate media tries to give a clever spin to an embarrassing fact.  However, the events of the last three years cannot be reversed. AQ's rapprochement and close ties with Western governments perpetually in the spotlight won't be forgotten any time soon.  By renouncing ISIS, the West is tactfully confirming its collaboration with the remaining AQ groups, hoping that its renunciation of ISIS will suffice to fool the people with 'reimbursements' through some fresh and silly myths like:

"Al- Qaeda disaffiliates with ISIS" appears in the website of  The Washington Institute.

"Barack Obama called the Islamic State a 'cancer' on Wednesday, the description may have been more apt than he intended. .... Obama administration tried to avoid entanglement in Iraq and Syria,"  writes the crazy WSJ.

But what about prior to "Wednesday" when ISIS and NF were therapeutic sources for most Congressmen and Senators in the U.S.?  Those ugly skeletons have now been bundled up and safely hidden in some undisclosed closet.  Unfortunately for the skeleton-sweepers, past three years is a very recent stretch in history.  Hopefully, that would make it  easier for the people to cut through all the double-talk and fish out the plain truth.

ISIS was formerly "Al-Qaeda of Iraq" (AQI).  No wonder we never get to see the abbreviation "AQI" anywhere.  Pondering who beheaded James Foley?  Call it ISIS or AQI, makes no difference.  Presently it consists of hordes of Al-Nusra, Daash and even FSA fighters who were direct recipients of financial assistance and military hardware from USA and EU via Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.  After mass defections, they're now on the side of Abu Bakr Baghdadi of ISIS.  They view ISIS to be a stronger terror group, with more money, more weapons, better training, winning more battles and taking over more territories.  Thanks to the US and EU !!

America's current criss-cross goal in the Middle-East carries a strange odor.  It's expecting to inflict too many Waterloos in the region.  It still aims at overthrowing the popular Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. It also wants to defeat Bashar's enemy and John McCain's favorite al-Nusra boys now working for ISIS.  It desperately needs to pamper all rival terror groups of ISIS in Syria, ultimately hoping to tame them too.

So, is the beheading of James Foley also Assad's fault?   What next?  Will Assad now be painted as Baghdadi's new buddy just as Saddam was framed as a co-conspirator of 9/11?