It happened quicker than expected: U.S. compelled to bust the terror rat nest it built with its own money and weapons

In  his very short list of achievements - and with just two more winters to be  spent in the WH - Obama wished to be remembered as the US President who  ordered the troops out of Iraq with the promise never to allow US boots on Iraqi soil again. Now he has no other choice but to get involved in exactly what he wanted to shun.   Foley's brutal  beheading might help Obama get enough approval for resuming the "war on  terror."   But the expression "Iraq war" must carefully be avoided as most  Americans view it as a foreign policy gaffe, an awful disaster and a typically "Bush-ian" idea.  Escalation of rhetoric leads to escalation  of policy, making it crucial  to match rhetoric with action.  Obama stated ISIS is "cancer" and "does not belong to the 21st  century."  Kerry said "ISIS will be crushed."  The White House prefers  to work on Kerry's statement rather than Obama's, shifting from restraint to combat which implies ignoring all geographical boundaries and  expanding the fight into the heart of Syria.  To make a long story  short, it's unlikely that the second upcoming chapter on the "war on terror"  will crush ISIS any time soon.  It could do a lot of other horrible things we cannot comprehend at the moment.  It will  certainly not help Assad nor is it supposed to.  This is one of those rare  stories where the enemy's enemy is not a friend.   Worst of all, the combination of  egocentrism and imperialism will never allow the US to learn its lessons and recognize the  risks, hazards and far-reaching consequences of creating monsters for  promoting Israeli interest.