The 72-hour ceasefire is over ...

with stories that Hamas began firing rockets and sirens were sounded in southern Israel.   

The standard media cliche:  "It's all because of Hamas; if Hamas stops firing rockets, Israel will stop bombing."  Here's why this propaganda-carol needs to stop. 

Gaza has been the world's largest prison for the longest stretch of time, an area  of 140 square miles with a population of 2 million incarcerated for  eight years with no end in sight.  The little piece of land has been beleaguered and blockaded which includes naval blockade, overland and airspace.  No  one is allowed to visit Gaza, not even to deliver essential food  supplies or medicines; nor are the Gazans allowed to move freely within their country-turned-prison.  Shattered economy,  joblessness, poverty, diseases (made far worse by Israel's use of white phosphorus), malnutrition, lack of essential  medication, lack of electricity, complete breakdown of infrastructure and civic system  are some of Gaza's woes among many more since the blockade began.   THEY ARE A PEOPLE WHO NOW STAND TO LOSE NOTHING. 

Hamas decided to  discontinue the discriminatory Egyptian brokered "truce" beyond 72 hours  unless Israel agreed to grant some concessions, starting with lifting the blockade.  Fair enough.   It's the least they could ask for.  Israel refused as it has already  chalked out its strategy.  Tyranny and dehumanization will continue to  be inflicted upon Gaza.  Rockets are a moot point.

If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear.  But that's the  snag with the Zionist state.  It was created through mass murder and it  survives on its commitment to human rights violations which have now worsened  into repetitive genocides based on the preconceived scheme of obliterating  the indigenous Palestinian race.  West Bank has so far been kept  stifled by bribing the PA.  Gaza has been silenced through suffocation.   Israel is aware that it's inherent of human nature to resist if their basic  rights are denied, and Israel has long decided to deny every Palestinian  their basic rights.

The Zionists have done plenty wrong, so they have plenty to fear.   Their most stupid misconception is their incompetence to  perceive that one cannot establish a permanent system to exist blissfully if the prerequisite is to spill  someone else's blood.   One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that.  But the rigidity of egocentric intransigence carries the human self far beyond ordinary madness.