Some good news for Rohingya Muslims

US Secretary of  State, John Kerry, will be visiting Burma on August 10.  A week earlier,  28 Congresspersons wrote to Mr. Kerry to warn Burma that if the genocide against the Muslim  minority does not stop, relations between USA and Burma would be seriously damaged.   Now the number of lawmakers demanding the same has risen to 72. 

Points to Address:                       

  • Close all concentration camps
  • Restore Rohingya citizenship, since they are indigenous people living in their ancestral land
  • Grant  permission to all humanitarian relief organizations to provide basic  necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education

Achievements through the efforts of Burma Task Force USA
 Burma  Task Force USA is a coalition of several Muslim organizations and  activists who previously worked together for Bosnia and Kosova Task  Force to stop genocide in those countries.  The untiring efforts of this organization has contributed a lot toward creating awareness of  this genocide within the international community which is being  completely blacked out by the mainstream media.

In addition to the letters by 72 Congressperson to Secretary Kerry, there are  four more major landmark successes achieved by Burma Task Force since last Ramadan for Burmese Muslims, Alhumdulilah.

(1) The  U.S. House of Representatives passed Resolution 418 demanding the  Burmese government to restore the citizenship of the Rohingya people.  The U.S. is the only country in the world which has done so. It is a  significant step in stopping the genocide. The Rohingya were stripped of  their citizenship in 1982, despite having lived for generations in  Burma in their ancestoral lands.

(2)  The “10 minutes a day” Action Alert campaigns by Burma Taask Force have been  successful in preventing at least 3 planned attacks or by limiting the  damage of an ongoing attack. As soon as we hear from allies that  something is about to happen or has started, we start applying pressure  on Burmese government through phone calls. We have observed that the  Burmese government is sensitive to negative publicity. It steps in to  stop violence, which provides temporary relief to the Muslim community;  though, it must be noted, the government still does not arrest the hate  mongers who start these attacks.

(3)  U.S. media  about Burma has improved.  It no longer uses the false, lazy  statement that it is a “conflict between” or “riot between Muslims and  Buddhists.” It took us literally hundreds of letters and constant  pressure to achieve this success. Now, it is clearly seen as one-sided  attacks by the extremists against Muslims.

(4) International, Interfaith and nonprofit partners are also paying more attention.

This is a Genocide!

It  is critical that Secretary Kerry, and Americans in general, realize  that this is a genocide.  What's happening to the Muslim minority in  Burma is no different from Gaza or the West Bank.   Five million Muslims used to live in Burma. Today, there are only three million.

The  untiring efforts of the Burma Task Force USA has contributed a lot  toward creating awareness of this genocide within the international  community, a genocide which is being completely blacked out by the mainstream  media.  The fact that many rights activists are distracted from the apartheid and mass murders against the Rohingyas because of a similar situation in Palestine has  further helped the media to conceal this genocide.   Burma Task Force USA is a coalition of several Muslim organizations and  activists who previously worked together for Bosnia and Kosova Task  Force to stop genocide in those countries.

Please  keep the Rohingya Muslims in your prayers.  It's impossible to confirm  who is suffering more - the Rohingyas or the Palestinians or the Syrians or the Iraqis?  They are all under attack.  The only difference is that the Rohingyas are under attack by their government while the others are being attacked by foreign invaders.

May Allah Almighty protect all innocent victims from this endless tyranny of the modern era.

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