Defending the Mercenaries

Every mama wants to protect her kids; so does the US with ISIS  and  Al-Nusra.  According to CIA's latest wire pulling, an unknown terror   group "Khorasan," is the real big threat against US, not ISIS, which   supposedly doesn't have the ability to carry out attacks against the US   despite the recent grisly beheadings and grabbing millions worth of   military hardware for the proxy war since 2011.  The US intelligentsia  emphasizes that Khorasan   consists  of seasoned Al Qaeda fighters  (as  if ISIS consists of  cordial bleeding hearts)  from Central Asia, taking  advantage of the  chaos in Syria and consolidating its base in Aleppo.   CIA further  'enlightens' the world saying Al Qaeda's master bomb maker  and a  close  confidant of OBL are the leaders of  Khorasan.  Most of  us would presume  that senior AQ men of OBL's time and  generation were  either dead  or  too old to be actively in the forefront like the aging  Ayman al-Zawahri.

CIA  claims  Khorasan worked with Al-Nusra in Syria for a while in  2013.   However, most  analysts, including  the Washington Institute,  have  already caught the spoof.    Khorasan  isn't an independent AQ  group.  Khorasan and Al-Nusra are  one in the  same.   A small and  shadowy AQ cell known as 'Khorasan' was  active in  Pakistan,  Afghanistan and Iran several years ago.  It later  joined  Al-Nusra in  Syria to participate in the "jihad." Some Khorasans  reportedly defected  Al-Nusra when ISIS announced its merger in 2013.  Aaron Y. Zelin at the  Washington Institute think tank tweeted, "It’s  cute Pentagon is  literally making up new group called ‘Khurasan’  when  it’s just AQ  AfPak/Iran guys in JN. Don’t get my gov sometimes."    The White  House has cleverly maneuvered an old episode to super dupe   the  American people using Khorasan as a scapegoat while ISIS and   Al-Nusra  remain in the shade.  The Syrian government continues to be in   the  line of fire.  So the US air force violates Syrian air space and   flies  over Aleppo for its supposed to be chasing "Khorasan" but the   events  in northern Iraq (Abu Bakr Baghdadi's "caliphate") are  suspiciously  toned-down.

The   contrivance helps Barack Obama to be more comfortable with the American   people  who now won't blame their government for neglecting ISIS.  It   will also  be easier for the world to forgive and forget John McCain's   meeting with  Baghdadi in 2013.  Hopefully for the White House, the hype  will  revive the  memories of 9/11.  The same guys who hit the twin  towers   are now threatening US from Syria.  It's only a matter of  time  for the  next  folklore to pop up, to the effect,  'Assad has ties with Khorasan.'     CIA and Obama's advisers are running out of ideas.  They couldn't have   made a more clumsy attempt to defend their proxy fighters, retaining   them as reservists for rainy days in the future.