Floods in Kashmir - probably the worst in its history

September 2014.
The devastation recently caused by floods in occupied Kashmir and parts of Pakistan is unprecedented.  In Indian occupied Kashmir more than 300 people have lost their lives and thousands of villages are submerged under water.  May Allah Almighty ease the hardship of these poor people.  They have already been suffering tremendously for years under a brutal Indian occupation with no let up.



  1. Hi. I am writing about your post describing the Israeli attacks on Gaza this summer. It seems rather one sided. In reference to one item in particular, you show a picture of a young girl who is allegedly killed at an alleged attack on a school. I did a bit of research and 1. It is not clear that she is dead at all. She was photographed later at the hospital. And before going to the hospital, there is a lot of evidence that her body was dragged to the school (along with 2 others) to make it seem as if they were killed at the school. Her body was also dragged to a second site for a photo op before going to the hospital. I only point this out because you mention your interest in the truth. Salaam.

  2. Wa'salaam. First off, kindly post your comments along the blog entries you're discussing. This is about Kashmir flood not Gaza.

    Secondly, the whole world knows of Israel's mind boggling atrocities during Operation Protective Edge, and its perpetration of mass human rights violations since its official theft of Palestine in 1948.. Every conscientious and discerning mind is aware of the gross violation of international laws by Israel's 8-year blockade of Gaza by rejecting Hamas, the democratically elected government of Palestine in the 2006 elections. In those 51 days of Israel's latest onslaught against Gaza, over 2,200 civilians were killed and more than 10,000 seriously injured or maimed. And you talk about my blog being one-sided? If the little girl survived, good for her and her family. Others weren't as fortunate. Do some rational research instead of sniffing around this notoriously anonymous blog called Elder of Ziyon which is infamously & officially a den of Israeli propaganda for the purpose of proliferating misleading information and indoctrinating minds.

    In future kindly don't waste your time and ours by slipping in such sub-standard comments.


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