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Saturday, September 27, 2014

How "clueless" is the coalition?

No end to questions!

America's Coalition of the Clueless
Sharmine Narwani

An  enthralling piece by Sharmine Narwani.  Has the White House grasped the  fallacy of fighting the Syrian government and its enemy together?   Has it sent a quiet word to Assad 'not to worry' despite deep distrust from both sides?  It's one of the most bizarre episodes in the history of US political  ploys.  Never has the West been compelled to confront it’s own monster in less than half a decade of its creation.  Befuddled and dazed, it’s dragging the issue of  "actions matching words," heightening the enigma and leaving analysts and onlookers chalking up multidimensional connections for a variety of possibilities Washington might be up to.  But let's not forget, Washington may not win because it  doesn’t want a resounding Waterloo for its own creation.   Iran,  Hezbollah and Syria will continue to remain the “axis of evil” and bad  boys like al-Nusra and ISIL need to be retained as regional tools, only weakened and made sober, not crushed.

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