Islamabad: tempest in a teapot 2014

NOT  as an advocate of any political party,  is it really the serving junta that's touting Tahirul Qadri and Imran  Khan from behind the blackout curtain OR are they the retired brass,  chips of the old block, with little political clout?  Qadri and Khan  appear flattered rather than confident; it's the first time any institution has ever supported  them.  The  ruckus helps to fill up idle time, provides some far-fetched hopes, a  rickety goal of sorts, a picnicky undercurrent and a spirit of  adventurism to the crowd whose shallow and fickle discernment have  trampled their intellectual independence.  Most importantly,  destabilizing an already abused nation is universally and discreetly 'legal' in the world  of politics and Pakistan's little-known cloudland- political institution is one of its leading  proponents with the authority of abusing only its own people. 

Will  a day ever come in our lifetime when this political mafia might relent  and say "enough is enough?"  Highly doubtful.  However, the people do  have a choice .. a safe and easy one that can throttle the ghouls  cavorting in this endless nightmare.  As the saying goes, hit them where  it hurts the most - the ballot box.  Boycott all political activities  and boycott every election in the country.  Otherwise you're asking for  it and you shouldn't squeal when the monsters bamboozle you.