Going amok with red tape business and lies

They created, trained, armed and enriched ISIS  and Al-Nusra.  Now the barbarism of IS militants is being used for  justifying the bombing of Syria which the British Parliament had  rejected in the summer of 2013 to  conform with public opinion.  Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s recent  suggestion that Britain would not participate because of legal issues  was quickly over ruled by David Cameron.   Barack Obama claims to be  preparing  a confrontation with IS but his threats are channeled at  terrorizing the Syrian government in addition to taking for granted the  right to trespass into Syrian airspace. In an official statement this  nincompoop boasted that if Syrian forces obstructed US war planes inside  Syria, US would destroy Syria’s entire air defense system (to assist  Al-Nusra).  America’s notorious con man, Senator John McCain, is now  fervently denying he met ISIS members, calling it an accusation. McCain  didn’t just meet ISIS members, he met the ISIS “caliph” himself in May  2013 after illegally entering Syria through Turkey, images of which have  been seen by the international community many times over. The precise  timetable of this upcoming vandalism against Syria will probably be  confirmed next week when the two war mongers meet in New York. If  Scotland breaks away ending its 300-year union with England, Cameron  will need the blood of the Syrian people still more to provide some  cheer and lift his dampened spirits.