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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Acknowledgement of hypocrisy: The wolf finally steps out of its sheep's clothing

"Let me assure you, I’m no saint." ....... "I started out as the leader of a political party. I cannot think of anything more political than that.  Icon was a depiction that was imposed on me by other people.” -   Aung San Su Kyi, late 2013 during the ongoing genocide against Muslim minority in Burma.

Straight from the horse's mouth, making no apologies for sounding like a typical wily politician and NOT a humanitarian.  She admits human rights isn't her field.  Greed and ambitions playing the political card are top priorities .... and like any other dissembler, she had no qualms shaming the institution of the Nobel "Peace" Prize in 1991 impersonating as a proponent of peace.

Earlier in 2013 when she praised the Burmese military for lifting of sanctions, Huffington Post wrote it was "too early to judge" Suu Kyi.  Is it still too early to read where this very unconscientious creature is coming from?

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