Apartheid in Burma now official along with arbitrary arrests and extrajudicial killings

Late last September 2014, the Burmese (Myanmar) government presented a  horribly controversial plan to the UN, stating that it would agree to  grant citizenship to the Muslim minority of Burma only if they  disclaimed  their true ethnicity of belonging to the soil of Burma for generations  and accepted being falsely and officially labelled as "Bangladeshis."   It's identical to the crime of extortion or forced confession under  duress.  In this case it insinuates  officializing apartheid as the Burmese government and its opposition do not consider it improper as a policy to formally discriminate  between the majority and the minority.  The UN has been silent, raising no objections to this gross decadence and discreetly confirming its consent to the  official establishment of apartheid in present-day Burma.  Not to forget, the UN hasn't yet uttered a  word of reprimand over the genocide in Burma, rather hasn't even called it a genocide, that has slaughtered  almost quarter of a million Muslims across the country since June  2012 with many more displaced, injured and raped. 

The  image below defines the face of the Burmese apartheid.  The UN's  acceptance  'legally' validates the implementation of this wicked madness.  The apartheid in Burma is undoubtedly and infinitely worse than the one that existed in South Africa until several years ago.  Its despicable nature could also take the cake from the abominable policies of entities like the Zionists and ISIL.   And it's certainly the time to question those ass kicking vermin who have the audacity to claim and frown that minorities aren't treated well in Pakistan or Iran, but remain silent on what you're about to read below.


Image above: A terrorist-killer Buddhist monk with words "Rohingya No" written on the palm of his hand being cheered by his murderous mobsters.

The most recent newsletter from Burma Task Force, an organization based in the US that speaks for the Rohingyas mentions:

Asalamu Alaikum,

 Burmese government is very shrewd and smart in the way they play their cards.

They are focused on making sure that no one even  utters the name “Rohingya.” Unfortunately they are successful in their  strategy.

  • They have ASEAN countries silent on the issue
  • Now the UN Secretary General is going general in statement instead of mentioning the name as they did in the past
  • Secretary Kerry failed to publicly mention Rohingya
At  Burma Task Force we insist on the use of the name Rohingya. If you have  no name you don’t exist. You have no rights. You are a stateless  person.

President  Barack Obama will be making a visit to Burma this November. We would  like him to make sure that he uses the term Rohingya as opposed to  Secretary John Kerry’s visit where the term Rohingya was nowhere to be  mentioned.

Rohingyas are indigenous people of Burma living in their ancestral land on the border of Burma and Bangladesh.

There used to be 5 million Burmese Muslims  including Rohingyas. Now only 3 million are left.  What happened to the 2  million is the story of the hidden genocide.

Another horrific practice that has recently been started by the Burmese  government and supported by the opposition leader, Aung San Su Chi, through complacency is  arbitrary arrests and extrajudicial killings of innocent Rohingyas  falsely accused of assisting ghost militant groups in Bangladesh.   Burma has not mentioned the names of any militant groups suspected of working with the Rohingyas for the simple reason that there  are no militant groups in Bangladesh.   Even the official Islamic Bangladeshi parties, Jam'at-e-Islami and Hefazat-e-Islam, have  been systematically wiped out by periodical massacres at the behest of  that country's crypto Hindu prime minister, Sheik Hasina Wajid, who has  brazenly been supporting the genocide in neighboring Burma.

Image below shows one (out of many) such incidents where a  Rohingya villager is being taken away by the Burmese police.  Most  likely that poor guy won't return home alive.  They seldom do once  whisked away by Burmese thugs in uniform.   Do please read the detailed story at:  Rohingya Vision - Oct.12, 2014.