Burmese government: The epitome of tyranny. Just how much will these boogers regress?

Burmese (Myanmar) government presents a plan to the UN that it will  grant citizenship to the Muslim minority of Burma only if they disclaim  their true ethnicity of belonging to the soil of Burma for generations  and accept being falsely and officially labelled as "Bangladeshis."  Put  differently, Burma brings a proposal to the UN to justify the  continuation of its ongoing despotic apartheid, additionally suggesting  to officialize the Rohingyas as fourth-class citizens. UN, the notorious ninny, instead  of trashing this atrocious action point, gives ear to it.

Myanmar confirms controversial Rohingya plan at United Nations

By the way, did you know .. Burma has long been declared the most corrupt country in the world at par with Somalia, both sharing the lowest score of 1.4?

Burma is world's most corrupt country, says report