Chemical weapon used in Kobani? The possibility is huge

Several alternate news sources have posted reports that there is  evidence ISIL terrorists have recently used chemical weapons in eastern  Kobani. 

As usual, the  mainstream media isn't reporting anything.

According to Press TV, Kurdish doctors have said that terrorists used  some kind of toxic gas on Tuesday (Oct.21) evening.  Victims were  transported to hospitals across the border in Turkey with watery red  eyes, dizziness, burns and wounds.  Other sources reported that a peculiar odor that spread over the  streets caused difficulty in breathing and respiratory  conditions.

Al-Qaeda franchises have been in possession of chemical weapons since  early 2013 which they used in at least two regions within Syria.  Most  likely the poison gas used by terrorists in Khan al-Assal (Aleppo  province, Syria, which was attacked twice) in March 2013 and July 2013  was Sarin.  It was again used (for the third time) in August 2013 at  Ghouta in Damascus district .. only 20 minutes drive from the  presidential residence.  Yet President Bashar al-Assad was falsely  accused of this crime to pave the way for direct US military  intervention in Syria.  Fortunately that didn't happen as Assad readily  agreed to surrender Syria's cache of chemical weapons (a pittance  compared to Israel's deadly accumulation).

The chemical agent used in Ghouta indicated to belong to the same  stockpile as the one used in Khan al-Assal.  There  were reports that the terrorists themselves confirmed stealing  stockpiles from government weaponry.   Almost 400 Syrians were killed in the  chemical attack in Ghouta.  At least 150 Syrian soldiers and civilians  were massacred in Khan al-Assal before the town fell into "rebel" hands in  July 22, 2013.  In March 2013, several farm animals were killed with poison gas in Khan al-Assal. 

Like Israel, Al-Qaeda in Iraq (or AQI - former name for ISIL and al-Nusra) also has a secret history of using  chemical weapons.  They started it in Iraq after the preemptive invasion by imperialist forces causing immense  destruction from 2005 to early 2007.  AQI manufactured crude explosives  with chlorine gas, which is a banned substance.  They also  detonated chlorine  bombs loaded in cars.  Deaths in such attacks were caused mostly by the  force of the blast rather than inhaling chlorine.  But in the aftermath,  survivors felt awfully ill with identical symptoms of  discomfort as in cases of inhaling poison gas.


  1. It's more convincing after a recent report in Intifada Palestine covering Bashar al-Assad's interview with a French media. Last week Syrian FM warned that more chemical weapon attacks using chlorine are feared from terrorists in near future. Intifada Palestine informed that the terrorists stole "radioactive uranium" from Iraq's Mosul university when they occupied the city last July and they have been working to make a dangerous chemical weapon with it by combining it with some other chemical components. Link of story below along with Bashar Assad's interview.


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