Genuine incompetence or game plan ??

After a  month of 'bombings' across northern Iraq and Syria by U.S. coalition forces,  ISIL  is still intact.   U.S.  coalition strategy was to "degrade and shame"  ISIL.  But all indications are to the contrary.  The terror group has  been taking more territories since the bombings began.  It's  captured almost the entire province of Anbar in Iraq and is pushing  deeper  into Syrian Kurdistan.

A few days ago, food, water and ammunition were dropped to ISIL.  The Daily Mail  reported it was a "blunder" by the Iraqi air force that meant to deliver the stuff to their soldiers fighting ISIL. Can any professional air force be wacky enough to carry out an operation as hilariously botched as this?  Next to impossible, nay impossible!  But orders from the White House can be limitlessly base and baffling.  You bet not a "blunder."  Look carefully inside the food packages and there might also be a box of heart-shaped candies with a discreet note:  "To babe A.B. Baghdadi. Love, Johnny M. - U.S Senate." *:) happy 

As the Facebook page IRIB World Radio writes  "US is the mother of terrorism, not the hero fighting ISIL." 

Think  of the previous U.S. / NATO air attacks.   After three weeks of bombing, Libya  was shattered and Qaddafi murdered.   Bombing of Iraq in 2003 began on  March 20; on April 9th Baghdad fell and Saddam's statue pulled down.  US and British forces began carpet bombing Afghanistan on  October 7, 2001; within a month the Talibans were running for the hills  and their homes lay vacant.   But U.S. "bombing" of ISIL looks to be a  very different saga.   No news of terrorists on the run. No images of  captured and handcuffed "jihadists" nor any snapshots of their bloodied  bodies lying inside drains and ditches.  After a month of coalition bombing,  ISIL's "caliphate" isn't even slightly rattled.  It continues its fierce  rampage across villages, terrorizing the Kurds and Iraqis and stepping up its gory  escapades shown on Youtube channels to the fury of the international  community - reviving Islamophobia in North America and Europe -   reminiscent of the 9/11 era.  That's the real purpose behind these fake  bombings.  It's all about resuscitating Islamophobia that didn't last  long enough after the failed theatrics of 9/11.

As  a result of the U.S. propaganda of  bombing ISIL but actually allowing  the terrorists to heighten their ability for destruction to facilitate the  indoctrination of minds of the lamebrained American people, that archaic  madness involving anti-Muslim sentiments has resurfaced in all networking  sites.  Mission accomplished once again for the New World Order!