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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Is the fall of Kobani eminent?

Army Gen. Lloyd Austin, commander of US military forces in the  Middle-East, stated a few days ago that it's "highly possible"  the  Syrian city of Kobani could fall to Islamic State militants.  In  other  words, USA (like a proud mentor) concedes defeat by its ISIL  rookies.   When the air campaign of playing footsies with the terrorists  began last  August 2014,  Austin appealed for "strategic patience."   For a while he  also came up with some empty boasts on pounding ISIL  targets and  destroying its military hardware.  But a military analyst  at Brookings  Institute called it an ill-advised strategy.  He sxplained  that the key to  defeating ISIL is not destroying its equipments and  killing its fighters  as both can be replenished and reinforced.  To  vanquish ISIL, the  occupied territories need to be re-taken and  militant leaders to be captured or  killed, a suggestion that sounds far  smarter.  Every town that falls  dispirits and daunts the local forces;  and the fall of Kobani which is  now pretty obvious, will be another  huge psychological setback in addition to the territorial loss.

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