"The bride is beautiful but she is married to another man"

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The initial plan to rob Palestine began almost half a century before WW2.

A strange myth on the creation of Israel that floats in American and European societies is that there were hardly any Arabs living in the Holy Land. Factual history from the start of this global tragedy tells a very different story.

The Zionist movement in Europe led by Theodor Herzl (a Zionist journalist) met in Switzerland in 1897, converging into the First Zionist Congress and officially establishing the World Zionist Organization. They began pondering which land to rob - Argentina, Uganda, Cyprus, even Texas - and finally settled for Palestine which had a non-Jewish population of 96% !!  Influential British Zionists like Baron Rothschild and Chaim Weizmann wanted the Jewish homeland in the "traditional" location with the inclusion of Jerusalem (not to mention, European Ashkenazi Jews are Caucasians and had / have NO traditional links with the Arab world whatsoever which is another lengthy story). 

Soon after, a congregation of Jewish rabbis in Vienna sent two of their senior rabbis to Palestine to explore the suitability for a future Jewish state. Upon arriving, it didn't take long for the members of this delegation to perceive the hurdle that a Jewish homeland could not be established without expelling  the existing, indigenous population. They wrote back to their folks in Vienna, "THE BRIDE IS BEAUTIFUL, BUT SHE IS MARRIED TO ANOTHER MAN." Yet the European Zionists went ahead with their plan to push out the local population - "financially if possible; violently if necessary."

Zionists are terribly embarrassed of this coded message sent by visiting rabbis from Palestine to Vienna and have desperately tried to debunk it. They do not deny the visit of the rabbis to Palestine yet they have never published any reports on it because the very purpose of the journey was a violation. Every pro-Zion source is now calling that coded expression an "anti-Zionist myth" and a "hoax" but to no avail and have never mentioned any evidences to support their rant. At the time, the message sent by rabbis became a popular summary to express the theft of Palestine. It spread fast from Vienna to parts of Western Europe up to Russia and was plagiarised by various commentators on the subject of forced takeover of Palestine. The phrase, a forbidden knowledge, is an inseparable part of Zionist history starting with the First Zionist Congress 1897 which was the earliest blueprint for occupation of the Holy Land. It is also included in the chronological analysis of the last 45 years of the Ottoman rule from 1876 to 1918.

In a review on author Ghada Karmi's book, "Married to Another Man," The Guardian writes: "The title is taken from an 1897 report to the rabbis of Vienna on the prospects for a Jewish state in Palestine. The report concluded that "the bride is beautiful, but she is married to another man". Palestine's spouse was of course the Palestinian society rooted in its soil. The existence of any significant number of Palestinians within the Jewish state or under its authority, Ghada Karmi argues, ultimately threatens a Zionist unravelling. Hence the Zionist dilemma: how to keep the territory without the people or to keep it while somehow negating the people."  

The consequences of the First Zionist Congress (leading to the 'forced marriage of the Bride to another man') began appearing in early 1900s. Under severe pressure from European leaders and the British Zionist community, the Ottomans were forced to allow European Jews to purchase land in northern Palestine from 1901 to 1914.

Review of the book "Married to Another Man" by Ghada Karmi in Guardian. Ghada Karmi is a Palestinian academic and an author living in exile in London, UK.
"Last of the Ottoman years" (check 1897)

Also included in Ghada Karmi's article "Vanishing the Palestinians"

Info on First Zionist Congress 1897 available from many sources including Zionist ones. Just google it.