CAPITALISM EVOLVES: Homeless hate law - Feeding the homeless / sharing food an offense.

As hunger and homelessness steadily rise in the United States, distributing food to the homeless has been outlawed in several states. Feeding the homeless can now get you arrested. Dozens of charities have reportedly been targeted by the police. The scenario is reminiscent of many third world countries where distributing food to the homeless results in the assemblage of hundreds of poor and hungry beggars in just a few minutes, expecting to find a little to eat. It looks much the same here, except that they don't call it a "third world" rather the richest country in the world! The most pathetic part of this tragic episode is that those greedy Wall Street 'heroes' who are squarely responsible for the economic crash are getting annual bonuses worth millions of dollars while the conscientious and generous ones feeding the homeless victims of the Wall Street gluttons are being arrested. Makes me wonder how the police can even accept to carry out such unfair orders. The government couldn't care less for the growing population of the homeless as long as they are chased away and kept out of sight. Depriving them of food might speed up the process of starvation and death. The government wouldn't mind that either.

Recently in Florida a 90-year-old volunteer was arrested for giving food to the homeless. The video also shows the food being carefully packed away. I guess eventually it was the police who enjoyed a free meal.

Florida police threaten arrest under new 'homeless hate law'