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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Double standard at its zenith!

"International law is being applied highly selectively, when it comes  to Iran. .. Sanctions are illegal, they are immoral, and they violate  international law." -  Columnist Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich.

 The  contradiction appears particularly dazzling when you compare all this  pantomime, song & dance and fuss over Iran with the smooth path  given to ISIL which has been minting $$$$ since July 2014 .. refining  and selling millions of barrels of oil to the international market via  Turkey from northern Iraq and parts of  Syria illegally occupied by armed terror invasions. No such  international law as "sanctions" for terrorists; not even a warning to  the financial market to refrain from transactions with seditious  killers. Quite the reverse. According to various laid-back financial analysts, in the "world of commerce, business is business."  Now how selective is that  ??

Video:  Soraya's interview at RT

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