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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Glittering with the fingerprints of MOSSAD

"Obviously, the terror network of foreign intelligence agencies – that in a covert war continues to target Iranian nuclear scientists, technicians, nuclear/military plants, and computer systems – is at it again: this time in Syria." - Syrian Free Press, Nov.13.

The assassination was carried out by Israel in a joint program to hurt the ‘Axis of Resistance’ i.e., Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.” - Hezbollah’s Internal Security officials in Lebanon.

"With less than two weeks run-up to the ‘deadline’ for Iran and the P-5 + 1 to negotiate a final agreement, the ninth set of talks between the parties on the nuclear issue, Mossad has assassinated a team of five nuclear weapons specialists in Damascus, the leader of whom was Iranian." - Franklin Lamb from Damascus.

On November 9, their bus was ambushed and all five were shot dead on their way to the nuclear research center in north Damascus. In war-torn Syria with its infrastructure in shambles and Al Qaeda franchises rampaging across the country, it would be no difficult task, no hassle, for MOSSAD to hire assassins at very modest rates. On the other side, U.S. Zionist lobbies - AIPAC and Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) - along with the rogue campaign group, Nam-e-Shaam, which is squarely focused on destabilizing the Iranian & Syrian governments, are moving impatiently to daunt and dishearten Iran, urging U.S. officials to escalate sanctions for total economic strangulation. Mainstream sources like New York Times and UK Economist are loyally keeping up the pressure of this psychological warfare, painting painful and demoralizing pictures of the Iranian economy to the international community.

The outcome anxiously awaited since 35 years is a regime change in Iran or a complete reversal of foreign policies (which, if achieved, would be a bigger feat than victory in Syria) based on the official myth that Iran wants to annihilate Israel.

Mossad targets nuclear engineers in Damascus, seeks derailment of Iranian nuclear talks 

Who is killing Syrian nuclear engineers?

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