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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Israel permanently bans Dr. Mads Gilbert from entering Gaza

Norwegian doctor, 67-year-old Dr. Mads Gilbert, had visited Gaza  several times since 2008 treating the sick and injured and helping  humanitarian endeavors at al-Shifa Hospital.  In the summer of 2014  during OPE, risking his own life, Dr. Gilbert stayed in Gaza for 50 days  treating 11,000 injured civilians.

 He was in Gaza City earlier in January 2014 when Israel carried out an airstrike on Gaza City vegetable market.  He sent an SMS text message to all his contacts outside Gaza appealing  for help.  The message quote: "FROM DR. MADS GILBERT IN GAZA:  THANKS  FOR YOUR SUPPORT.    THEY BOMBED THE CENTRAL VEGETABLE  MARKET  IN GAZA CITY  2 HOURS AGO.    80 INJURED,  20 KILLED.    ALL CAME HERE TO SHIFA.  HADES!    WE WADE IN DEATH, BLOOD AND AMPUTEES.   MANY CHILDREN.   PREGNANT WOMAN.  I  HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED ANYTHING  THIS  HORRIBLE.    NOW WE HEAR TANKS.    TELL IT,  PASS IT ON,  SHOUT IT.    ANYTHING.    DO  SOMETHING!    DO MORE!    WE'RE  LIVING IN HISTORY BOOKS NOW,  ALL OF US!"

 When Dr. Gilbert was returning to Gaza last month (Oct. 2014), he was stopped by  Israeli soldiers at Erez border and told that he was banned from entering  Gaza for life ... for ""security"" reasons.
Sources of info:   Intifada Palestine

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