Skunk spray

Israeli Defence Forces have  caused widespread environmental damage in various parts of the West Bank by firing skunk spray from water canons to prevent and disrupt peaceful demonstrations.  Initially Jerusalem and Nabi Saleh were targeted most  frequently.  But now skunk-spray-attacks are commonplace throughout West  Bank.   Zionists call it "non-lethal" and "non-toxic"  to justify its use.  Compared to IDF's perpetual  disproportionate use of force and gruesome methods of killings with  sophisticated hi-tech military hardware, skunk mist is considered a  harmless "scented spray" to control the crowd.  But that stupid comparison set aside, this noxious spray is an agonizing scourge of a different type.

Skunk  is a nocturnal North America mammal about the size of a cat or a small dog with black-and-white-striped fur. When threatened it squirts a  spray of  awful-smelling liquid from its anal glands, which is the animal's defensive weapon.

To get an idea of how bad the skunk spray smells, a BBC report in Wikipedia describes it as follows:-  “Imagine the worst, most foul thing you have ever smelled. An  overpowering mix of rotting meat, old socks that haven’t been washed for  weeks – topped off with the pungent waft of an open sewer. . Imagine  being covered in the stuff as it is liberally sprayed from a water  cannon. Then imagine not being able to get rid of the stench for at  least three days, no matter how often you try to scrub yourself clean.”    A slight correction.   The pungent stench doesn't hang around only for "three days."  It lingers for at least six months, often for well over a year, diminishing very gradually.

IDF calls it "skunk" while Palestinians simply call it "shit."   Israel claims the stuff is used only on unruly crowd.  But residents  and foreign activists in the region know that this is a grossly downplayed statement.   Unruly or not, IDF has been spraying this fetid liquid on just about  every demonstration.   Quoting Wikipedia:  "It is used even when crowds are quiet and there is no stone throwing,  with Palestinians. ... It has not been used to disperse Israeli crowds in  demonstrations."  Not only on  crowds, but the skunk repellent is sprayed just as  often on Palestinian homes, entire neighborhoods, elementary schools, restaurants packed with people and on busy streets.  Mondoweiss   writes: ' "The skunk water targeted the A-Tur (Mount of Olives neighborhood)  elementary school for boys, the elementary and high school for girls, a  high school for boys and the ‘Basma’ elementary school for disabled  children. All four schools are located on the neighborhood’s main  street."  As  a result 4,500 children stayed home from school the following day.'

Here is a Wikipedia statement by a senior member of the Israeli police.  The way he talks about this funky weapon will likely make you chuckle:  "According to David Ben Harosh, head of technological development for the Israeli police, the recipe is based entirely on natural organic ingredients, including yeast and baking powder, does not include any harmful materials, and may even be ingested without causing harm."   He outlines it as if it's some kind of healthful organic therapy.  You  can even ingest it and it's fine, huh?   If it's that great then why isn't it used for dispersing crowds in North America?  After all, skunk is a  typically North America animal.  It will be a lot easier and cheaper to  manufacture skunk spray in U.S. and Canada than in Israel where it's an  'imported item.'

A civil rights group within Israel has admitted that the skunk spray isn't at all as benign as it's claimed.  “Apart from the repulsive nausea-inducing stench, the skunk liquid can  cause pain and redness if it comes into contact with eyes, irritation if  it comes into contact with skin and if swallowed can cause abdominal  pain requiring medical treatment,” - Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI).  The same civil rights group also mentions "evidence suggests that in some cases the skunk repellent was  arbitrarily used with no apparent justification and in the absence of  any public disturbances.” 

To  create some 'variety' in categories of destruction, Israel had been  working since more than a decade to produce an odor-based weapon.  From various propaganda outlets you often read about the "intellectual discoveries" of the  small Jewish community.  You can now add the  skunk mist to  that creative list of discoveries which was first used in 2004 in the  Palestinian town of Bi'lin.  As already stated, presently the use of  this fecal substance as a weapon is common throughout occupied West  Bank.  

Tear gas, skunk water and "The Scream" are considered the three  non-lethal weapons against unarmed Palestinian protesters.  The Scream  is a very high pitched sound device fixed on top of Israeli military vehicles.  The sound coming from it targets the inner ear causing dizziness and nausea.  If exposed  at close range for over ten minutes, it could lead to impaired hearing. Protesters and journalists are often seen covering their ears and holding their head. Yet Israel calls it a "non-lethal" weapon.

The one interesting event in connection with the skunk spray was on August 2014 when an IDF skunk truck was heading toward a Palestinian neighborhood to spray homes with the wretched liquid.  Quoting Electronic Intifada: "But then something extraordinary happens. The truck tumbles off the road  down a vertical ravine to the cheers and delight of the people of the  neighborhood and the children making the film."

Israeli skunk spray truck spraying skunk mist across Palestinian neighborhoods.

Israeli Skunk Spray truck falls inside a ravine - Aug.2014.

Young Palestinian protester covering his ears from the sound of the Scream.
Source:  Israeli Army Gets 'The Scream'