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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The hoax war shows more of itself

The P5+1 group being engrossed in giving Iran a tough time on nuclear  talks in Vienna with its deadline November 24, whatever bit U.S and  allies were doing to confront ISIL in Iraq and Syria has now come to a  complete halt. Confident and undaunted, ISIL is launching a fierce  attack on Ramadi (capital of Anbar Province).  Iraqi security forces and  tribal fighters struggling to drive them back may not succeed. Mosques  in Ramadi are appealing to everyone to come forward and defend the city.  Where have the coalition bombers disappeared?

The sad truth  here is that the United States does not want to crush ISIL completely,  rather only wants to weaken them a little but otherwise keep them  handy as a territorial apparatus.

Source  of images:  Twitter


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