"US to carry out psych evaluations of Syria militants"

This mess is getting much too ludicrous.   No one expects the befuddled  Barack Obama to act like a president any more.  But he should at least  act his age and not his IQ.

Story at: US 'psych evaluations' of Syria militants

ISIL is a costly handcrafted product of the "anti-terror  coalition"  that needed to be planted as a regional tool and formidable opponent of the Axis of Resistance.  Mr. Obama couldn't have made his reluctance to hurt  ISIL more obvious.   Even the simplest of minds can discern that his hullabaloo over bombing ISIL is meant to further damage Syria's  infrastructure rather than target the enemies of Syria.  United States, the allied GCC states  and Turkey were the ones most supportive of the Syrian war; and now they are the ones masquerading as the "anti-terror coalition" targeting  the fighters they trained & armed.  Would they ever squander their efforts spanning over almost 4 years by weakening that regional tool for the sake of global principles and just?   Any surprise why ISIL is only  getting bolder with each phase of US "bombing?"

The only fiasco US, GCC and Turkey is now facing is the split between their  2 major products - ISIL and Al-Nusra Front.   Though ISIL has gotten a  bit too big for its boots, US and its allies haven't written it off altogether as they might need the nuisance value of this commodity in the future.   At present they're depending on Al-Nusra to get rid of Assad.  All this humbug on psychic evaluation simply implies the continuation of subversive policies against Syria via deadly terrorists that have been going on since March 2011.