World's most powerful oligarchy

America's bankruptcy due to its moribund economy is the outcome of  something still more serious - its complete bankruptcy of potential  leaders.  Entitlement for selecting the leadership is permanently on  sale, bought and paid by the elites - the powerful Zionist lobbies and   the Bilderbergs - who are actually calling the shots, hosting  conferences and scheming on how to control America, what steps to take  next, transformation of societies into police states, discreet eradication of civil rights, and how to control the world.  The annual  secretive Bilderberg conferences are no longer a secret, in that, it's widely known that such meetings are hosted where the elites - world's most powerful political crooks, bankers, CEOs and media moguls (where international Zionism plays the most predominant role along side the bankers of course) none of whom are elected by any community nor group  -  congregate to make real, awful decisions that benefit them and ravage   our lives.

None of the discussions of any Bilderberg conferences are released to  the public by the mainstream media nor does it mention the schedule  of  the conferences.  The NWO's broader manifesto sets these  surreptitious  meetings beyond the boundaries of the media.  Nor is any information on the Bilderberg meetings, Bilderberg club or the Bilderberg group with its 200 plus members ever included in academic  studies, even though various selected minions from the academia are  invited to the clandestine meetings every year.  Occasionally bits of interesting details do pop up (thanks  to the efforts of truth seekers)  which are invariably ignored with grins  and laughs as the brainchild of  conspiracy theorists.  Lethargy and  apathy of millions of common  citizens around the globe who prefer to be on denial of hard facts has  only played into the hands of the elitist  criminal circle.

The 'elected' politicians whom the American people rave after, hoping  they will work for a "change" and naively accepting them as the representatives of the masses, are simply the puppets of these elites, taking orders from them and abiding by those 'real decisions' their bosses make. 

Media excitement over the upcoming 2016 U.S. polls has begun.  By now, the big bosses must have already chosen their puppets-to-be who will run as presidential candidates.   It's time for the would-be puppets to   mobilize their flying monkeys in collaboration with the media with a sea of delusions for another munificent eye-wash.

You may merrily presume you're living in a 'democracy' - power in the hands of the people - but you're actually trapped in plutocracy.

Beware, within the next one year Hillary Clinton will be mobilizing her winged monkeys with tons of pro-Hillary stories splashed across the   media that wouldn't make much sense to anyone, but nonetheless they'll  be posted  everyday.  You will have plenty of simple questions with no  one to answer them.   Why does the media think Hillary Clinton is  qualified to be president?   Her husband was at least the governor of a  state prior to getting into  the Oval Office, but how does being Bill  Clinton's wife qualify her to  be president?   Wasn't this person until  recently the worst Secretary of State in US  history?  Wasn't she caught  unawares lying at the 2008 campaign about  her visit to Bosnia?  Wasn't  she officially confirmed a skilful liar as  early as the Watergate days  when she was kicked out by her boss for "lying, unethical behavior" and being a "dishonest lawyer?"   Wasn't she nicknamed Butcher of Benghazi and photographed cavorting in the terror rat-nest flashing a victory sign after the murder of Muammar Qaddafi which sickened millions of Americans?  Isn't she hugely responsible for sending international terrorists to Syria and the unprecedented human catastrophe that followed?   

Another tough query:  How would America's founding fathers react if they saw their dream republic  hijacked, shattered and crumbled like a house of cards as we see it today?   Would they weep or simply find  themselves bogged down with the rest in the same quagmire of opportunism? 

Many  Americans do admit they've been duped over the past decades.  The criminals robbed their land right under their noses while they snoozed   and snored before the television, distracted by an array of glitzy   celebrity stories and gossips, from Hollywood to the royals.  They have woken up now but with the acknowledgement that sadly it's too late.    Down in the dumps with no aspirations, helpless and low spirited, they concede defeat and continue their slumber ahead.  Tearfully tragic :(