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Thursday, December 4, 2014

"Burmese security filled mass graves with Muslims" .

Source of above image Al-Jazeera: 'Mass graves' for Myanmar's Rohingya
.. acknowledges and writes 'The Telegraph' more than a year ago despite  being a firmly rightist outlet and a long time supporter of Burma.  The  genocide and ethnic cleansing that began in the summer of 2012 has  leapfrogged since 2013 and the death toll currently stands at a minimal  of quarter of a million Muslim minority murdered in cold blood.
Story:  Burmese security filled mass graves with Muslims  - Telegraph

A  riot in progress burning Rohingya villages and farmlands while the  victims can only pray to Allah Almighty for protection.  At such moments  one can only think of saving one's life.  Saving property is a far cry.
Source of above image:  Telegraph video, link above.

Muslim  men in Sittwe concentration camp, Burma.  Source Aljazeera.   I don't  know why Al-Jazeera (like the mainstream media) keeps calling it  "refugee camp."  These are NOT, NOT, "refugee camps."  These are  CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

The  number of Rohingya Muslim women in concentration camps are less because  many have been taken as sex slaves to serve in Burmese military  barracks.

Source of above image Al-Jazeera: 'Mass graves' for Myanmar's Rohingya

A  Rohingya Muslim mother with her young son in Maungdaw town, western Burma.    Brave lady in a land where the majority need to be classified as the  lowest of beasts.

Source of above image Al-Jazeera:  'Mass graves' for Myanmar's Rohingya

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