Hearken: Catch and reject this claptrap

Following the tragic events of December 16 in Pakistan, a certain quote has gone viral in the internet from several Pakistani sources.

"You can't keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbors."

This was stated by Hillary Rodham Clinton in October 2011, urging Pakistan to confront and squeeze the Huqqani terror group based in Afghanistan.   Pakistan has now learned her lesson and the gloves are coming off.  But those who live in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones.  Clinton forgets the continued instrumental role of her country's government in the creation of those "snakes."  In October 2011, she condemned one group of terrorists in Afganistan/Pakistan and simultaneously nurtured another bunch of the same lot in Syria.

Shortly after October 20, 2011, Mrs. Clinton got the title of  "Butcher of Benghazi" from her own people when she was photographed with Al Qaeda terrorists responsible for the grisly murder of the Libyan leader, and also guilty of unspeakable war crimes against Libyan civilians during and after NATO's carpet bombing of Libya. 

At present, close ties between Al Qaeda groups (Al-Nusrah Front & ISIL/Daesh) and the United States of America are no more a global secret.   The Talibans are a part and a parcel of the "mujahideen" who were  armed, cajoled and pampered for years by the United States during the Soviet presence in Afghanistan.   And who are the Huqqanis?  Wikipedia writes "Al-Qaeda and the Haqqani network .. evolved together .. they have remained intertwined throughout their history. They remain so to this day."

There you are!

The 'serpents' owe a great deal to the White House for their 'well-being.' 

Grasp the double-talk and weed out deception.  This despicable old woman is no less a proponent of terrorists than Mullah Omar, Mullah Fuzlulah, Abu Bakr Baghdadi, Abu Mohamed al-Julani and their likes.

Ignorance is ignorance, even if your intentions are sincere.  Do not let emotions blur the factual course of history.   Replace this trickery with the foresighted words of the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, who has been confronting the most horrific terrorism led by the Al-Qaeda/Taliban partnership with unprecedented gallantry - "YOU ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE" (Bashar al-Assad, 2012) - alluding to the West, Turkey and the GCC Arab states for arming and financing terrorists and the far-reaching negative affects that would have.  His assessment was brilliant.  Two years later, its impact was felt as far as Pakistan with a massive death toll of 145!   The audio conversation found between a Taliban attacker and Mullah Fazlulah was in Pushto.  Khyber News Agency reports some of the attackers were speaking in Arabic.  Wikipedia mentions "According to the Pakistani FIA's early investigations, the group was led by the Chechen fighter, Abu Shamil who planned the attacks, accompanied by three Arabs and two Afghans ...."   Thus, what exists in Afghanistan and Waziristan (Pakistan) today is the same amalgam of multinational terrorists who are devastating Syria and Iraq with the courtesy of the US, Israel and their allies.

As Secretary of State in 2011, Hillary Rodham Clinton encouraged and facilitated the recruitment of hundreds of thousands of international terrorists to devastate Syria, a beautiful land that lies in shambles today.  Mrs. Clinton proved to be the worst Secretary of State ever in U.S. history and stepped down in 2012.

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton ("Butcher of Benghazi"), in Libya approximately November 2011, surrounded by Libyan al-Qaeda terrorists (LIFG) flashing a "victory" sign after the murder of the Libyan leader on October 20 same year.  And on October 2011 this shamelessly sick woman has the audacity to lecture Pakistan on how to handle terrorists.
Source of image:
http://www.4thmedia.org/2013/06/hillary-clinton-we-created-al-qaeda-protagonists-of-the-global-war-on-terrorism-are-the-terrorists/Former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton ("Butcher of Benghazi"), in Libya approximately November 2011, surrounded by Libyan al-Qaeda terrorists (LIFG) flashing a "victory" sign after the murder of the Libyan leader in October 20 same year. And in October 2011 this shamelessly sick woman had the audacity to lecture Pakistan on how to handle terrorists.
Source of image:  4th media.org 

Talibans in North Waziristan (Pakistan) have created a web of alliances not only  comprising of the Afghan Talibans and the Haqqani group, but also Chechens, Arabs,   Central Asians, Western Salafist converts and more.  Since the start of  the Syrian war in 2011, Al Qaeda and the Talibans have become a conglomerate with  separate 'assignments' for its various off-shoots across the pan-Islamic block from  northern Middle-East to Pakistan.    Affects of Syria & Iraq are being felt in Afghanistan & Pakistan and vice-versa;  reportedly an ISIL commander recently named a street in Iraq after Mullah Omar.  It's evolved into a  horribly worrisome situation over a wide region that no more  involves only Pakistan.

With Libya and parts of Syria and Iraq under its control, this entire militant consortium is now  filthy rich!   Thank the West and its tales on ""Arab Spring.""    Nothing  of this nightmare would have been realized if they hadn't started the  Libyan war and then on to Syria.  Until then, Al Qaeda was demoralized  and  emaciated in rags.  The Talibans were on the ropes, weakened and divided   with internal wrangling and strife.  Little did they know who was  getting ready to put a silver spoon in their mouth.   The ancient  love/hate relationship between the U.S. and the terrorists began its  phase of 'love' when terrorists were released from Camp X-ray en masse  in the spring of 2011 to serve the West as mercenaries in Libya and  Syria.