It's not exclusively Pakistan's problem

There were six killers altogether who infiltrated into the army-run school in Peshawar, Northern Pakistan, on December 16.   Who were they?    The details are out.   The online Encyclopedia on the Peshawar massacre ratifies it.

1)  Abu Shamil (also goes by Abdur Rehman)— A Chechen fighter and thought to be a ringleader of the group.  No wonder seasoned observers couldn't overlook the resemblance of this attack with the Beslan school hostage crisis in north Ossetia, Russia, in 2004.

2) Nouman Shah Helmand — An Afghan citizen from Helmand.

3) Wazir Alam Herat —An Afghan citizen from Herat.

4) Khatib al-Zubaidi — An Arab speaker and an Egyptian citizen.

5) Mohammad Zahedi — An Arab speaker and a Moroccan citizen.

6) Jibran al-Saeedi — An Arab but his nationality is yet to be determined.

Scroll down to "Nationalities of terrorists" in the above link (screen shot below):

That confirms two-thirds of the attackers were non-Pakhtoons and all were non-Pakistani nationals.  It doesn't imply that the TTP isn't capable of carrying out such crimes.  It certainly is.  But if there was no multnational alliance of terrorists from the Levant across Iraq and onto Afghanistan and north Waziristan,  TTP's strength and resources would have  dwindled to almost nothing particularly considering Hamed Karzai is no more who, along with RAW, was blatantly protecting TTP terrorists hiding on the Afghan side of the border.

An alarming shift in the situation, it needs no explanation how it evolved.   Furthermore it debunks the statement of the Afghan Talibans who pretended to condemn this mass murder, and exposes yet again the misleading approach of the Western media, NONE of which has mentioned (not even hinted) on Mullah's Fazlullah's collaboration with foreign terrorists.  Again, needless to mention why.  And knowing Pakistan's relations with the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, there's little Pakistan can do to eradicate this scourge other than the continued army operations across Pak-Afghan border - treating the symptoms of the disease, not its causes.  It's like lifting the stopper of the bathtub and trying to drain the water with the tap running.

Unless the so-called 'Caliphate' in the Levant and Iraq isn't dismantled and Libya isn't returned to the Green Resistance, a permanent clean-up in Pakistan or elsewhere is practically impossible.  Each terrorist victory for Al Qaeda in Syria or Iraq reverberates into a triumph for their Taliban partners further east like the rippling seismic waves of a tsunami.