Violation of human rights ON Human Rights Day (Dec.10)!

Palestinian Minister, 55-year-old Ziad Abu Ain - father of four - had  scheduled a peaceful visit to the Palestinian village of Turmusiya (near Ramallah) to plant olive trees on international Human Rights Day (Dec.10).  He was assaulted and  savagely beaten to death by three Israeli soldiers after he walked up to  them to ask why he was blocked. Eye witnesses including Abu Ain's  assistant, Mohammed Mohesin, saw an Israeli soldier grab the minister's  throat. Then a second soldier choked him  by punching him forcefully on the throat and a third vigorously head  butted him on his chest .. all this amid heavy tear gas firing.  Abu Ain  collapsed and died soon after. Israeli doctors claimed the minister died  of "blockage of the coronary artery."  Autopsy indicated the  opposite. The death was caused by a heavy blow; no signs of any natural  causes. Abu Ain's front teeth were broken and fell to the back of his  mouth that caused food to regurgitate and enter the airway. This is NOT  the symptom of blocked artery.

I ask yet again, where are the humanitarians?  Every Tom, Jane and Harry claims to be one - movie stars, rock stars, models,  royals.  A senior Palestinian minister gets barbarically murdered,  unprovoked, in broad daylight on Human Rights' Day and none of those  claimants step forward, not even to express a word of sorrow?

Human rights violated ON INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY followed by a deafening silence! This time Western hypocrisy needs the loudest applause, officially mocking the concept of human rights FOREVER !!

Source:  Common Dreams

Palestinian Cabinet member Ziad Abu Ein 
Source:  East

Source:  Daily Sabah

Source:  RT

Source:  Daily Sabah  

Abu Ain's daughter grieves at her father's funderal.
Source:  Common Dreams

Singapore deeply saddened by death of Palestinian minister by Israeli troops

Family and officials mourn the Minister's death.
Source:  Asia

A relative (C) of Palestinian minister Ziad Abu Ein mourns during his funeral in the West Bank city of Ramallah 11 December  2014.
Grieving members of the Minister's family.
Source:  BBC via Reuters

Palestinian honor guards carry the Minister's coffin.
Source Reuters
Ziad Abu Ain's coffin surrounded by thousands of mourners.
Source:  Ya Libnan 

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas (C bottom) prays near the coffin of senior Palestinian official Ziad Abu Ein during his funeral in the West Bank city of Ramallah on 11 December 2014
Palestinian officials, family and friends offering funeral prayers.
Source of image:  BBC via Getty Images

And below - striking resemblance, huh?  A hint at the broad and general similarity ... that sameness between evils is sometimes both from the inside and outside.
Daesh-IS leader in conversation with another Mossad agent, John McCain in Syria 2013, full image at:  Syrian Free Press at Wordpress

Source of 2nd image, murder of Palestinian Minister Abu Ain in progress:  Common Dreams