When political bias merges with monetary greed

The ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Muslim minority of Burma  began in June 2012, slaughtering at least 250,000 and  displacing/expelling many more.  It's now almost 2015 and the  bloodthirsty instincts of the majority, their government and political  leaders show no signs of abating. 

But why are the US and other Western nations so soft on the issue of  violation of minority rights in Burma?  Other than the usual attitude of  downplaying the victimization of Muslims, there  appears to be another reason as well - Burma's unexplored offshore oil  and gas reserves.  Not much drilling work has been done yet to confirm  the magnitude of the natural resources but they're presumed to be  comparatively small.  Nonetheless, expectations are running high.  The  Economist in its article "Drilling in the Dark" writes "The outcome of  the bidding for the 19 deep- and 11 shallow-water blocks is one of the  most eagerly awaited events in the hydrocarbons industry.  The  competition attracted almost all the global giants, including Total,  Shell, Statoil and Chevron."

How many more mass killers, marauders and racists will get through  unscathed, unpunished and loaded with favors by tantalizing the West  with the possibility of corporate gains?


Burma blog on oil : Myanmar state of Rakhine campaign of ethnic cleansing against  Rohingya Muslim 
Buddhist rioters burning Muslims homes (Source: The Guardian)