White House and its transparent hoax

Just the other day U.S. sources were bragging that though IS hasn't been chased out of any of the occupied territories, it hasn't advanced either.  Probably true about IS in Iraq.  But today it did advance in eastern Syria to capture the air base close to Deir-e-Zour city, the Syrian government's last major camp of resistance in the region.

Failing to carry out direct military intervention in Syria via NATO, Obama's best bet was a psychological war through his heavily armed terrorists; first invading portions of Iraq already weakened by Al-Malki's years of corrupt and sectarian rule and then demoralizing Syria with a doomed scenario in neighboring Iraq.  So,, what's happening now are symbolic coalition airstrikes in IS occupied Iraq as part of the coalition-IS setup, while allowing IS to make millions per day selling hundreds of barrels of Iraqi oil in the international market and buying every equipment it needs to continue fragmenting Syria.

Simultaneously the other assignment involves training programs of "moderate militants" (Al-Nusra Front and the so-called FSA) along with biometric checks and stress tests by U.S. military and foreign intelligence agents with the goal of pressuring whatever is left of Syria in the south.

In the meantime more nonsense is being ratcheted up by agents provocateurs, aiming a wallop at Iran and intensifying sectarian hatred within Sunni Muslims.  Bad man, Ali Khadery (a Dubai based CEO and political negotiator serving the U.S. government from 2003 to 2009), is calmly and shamelessly pelting stones from his glasshouse accusing Qasem Suliamani of controlling all Shiia sectors across the Middle-East by proxy.  With Iraq losing it's sovereignty way back in 2003 after a devastating preemptive U.S. invasion and the sovereignty of Syria in shambles since 2011 by a brutal U.S. proxy war, Ali Khadery claims: "For the Iranians, really, the gloves are off.  Suleimani is the leader of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.  Iraq is not sovereign. It is led by Suleimani, and his boss, (Iranian Supreme Leader) Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei."  This man, Khadery, doesn't only look like a dried up nose scab but also talks like one.

Source of image only:  Yahoo video, link given above.
Source of above image:  Yahoo video - link below under fact check.

Source of above image:  Mr. President your plan won't defeat ISIS ....

Well, of course not, because "Mr. President" has no plans to defeat his terror boys.

Fact check:

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