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Sunday, January 11, 2015

And what if they were Ethiopian Jews?

His Majesty 'King' Netanyahu grants permission for the burial of four French Jews in  Israel who died in the recent Paris attack.  Enough evidence to prove  they're not black Jews or "kushis."   That's as far as Zionist  generosity goes.   Yeah, it was Dov Lior, a senior Israeli rabbi, who  called Obama a "kushi" (Hebrew equivalent of "nigger").  In Israel,  interment of Ethiopian or black Jews is not permitted close to Ashkenazi graves.  And now you will hear stories about the munificence of the 'king' allowing the burial of four French Jews in Israel after slaughtering 2,000 in Gaza as recently as last August 2014.  

French Jews killed in Paris grocery store to be buried in Israel

Black Jews buried separately in 'democratic' Israel

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