Hezbollah's right to self-defense

The recent targeting of an IDF position with anti-tank missile in occupied South Lebanon was not a preemptive attack by Hezbollah as Israel claims. Hezbollah never initiates a war, it only exercises its right to retaliate in self-defence. Barely 10 days ago Israeli forces bombed Syrian controlled Golan Heights, UNPROVOKED, killing 10 Hezbollah soldiers and a senior Iranian military commander. Hezbollah is simply responding. And no, it isn't "stretched thin" by of the Syrian war as Hassan NasrAllah's opponents would love to believe. Iranian Revolutionary Gaurds, Qassam Brigade and the Syrian Army are ready to join Hezbollah to confront the army of Satan (Israel, US, EU, Al-Nusra and IS) with its ghoulish penchant for blood.

Courage runs in NasrAllah's family - the only spectacular example in the modern world where a leader's son went to the battle front and received the glory of martyrdom at age 18. Syyed Hadi NasrAllah, 1979-1997, never to be forgotten!

Image source:   Hezbollah retaliates, officials react
Israel killed 10 of Hezbollah and one Iranian January 18