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Friday, January 2, 2015

Intensifying servitude in the colorful gift wrap of a 'new year' orgy

With the coming of every new year, utility bills spike; fees and tariffs of civic services jump;  banks raise their fees and toughen rules to further enslave the helpless.  Financial and corporate sectors monitor their profits like a hawk and work to trigger inflation.  Government policies on local and geopolitical exploitation get more aggressive.  Cuts on social services, healthcare and welfare benefits are pushed deeper. 

What's the celebration of December 31 about for these people?  Is it really the joy of an upcoming "new year" or a manifestation of denial putting the challenges of another intimidating new year behind them with a few hours of drunken revelry? 

These folks toil like mules all year round.   The 'notables' owe them a far more beneficial new year's gift than the eyewash of a brief and empty wild party binge.

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