Not to worry

The bug will mutate; it won't vanish.
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Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rehman al Saud
Al Saud dynasty past and future 

Obama calling him "courageous," national flags flew half mast in Britain and Australia at the death of a killer in Riyadh who never failed to assist his Western partners with their planned bloodbaths.  Following the loss of this courageous murderer, Western leaders are constantly in jitters over the secret family politics of the House of Saud.  Ailing Salman and his illegitimate half-brother, Muqrin  (or "love child" [in à la mode English] of Abdul Aziz bin Saud from his Yemeni mistress Baraka), with a long addiction for wine and women, being the last of Abdul Aziz's 22 sons, succession will soon pass on to the next generation - Abdul Aziz's grandsons.  The media interprets the deep concerns of U.S. and European leaders linked to future differences and struggle for succession among the grandsons of Al-Saud and consequently the possibility of a change in foreign policy.  In more forthright terms, U.S. and European leaders are fretting that the horrific evils of the founder of the Kingdom might be inherited to a lesser degree by his grandsons compared to his sons.  It's a needless concern.  The crummy genetic properties of Ibn Saud are alive and strong to travel down many more generations of his family-tree, continuing the tragic occupation of the Arabian Peninsula and its ugly partnerships abroad.  His grandsons have been taught just as deftly as his sons to perceive which side their bread is buttered.