Republic of Turkey OR Kingdom of Turkey?

Diversity of  human temperament is staggering!  While the simple and  humble Mahmoud  Ahmedinejad (after completing two terms as President)  returns to his  teaching profession and travels in a bus to work  everyday .. there is  also Rajab Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey whose  incurable greed and ambition  makes him more audacious and feared than a  feral dog.

He  was the prime minister for three  consecutive terms that stretched for  eleven years from 2003 to 2014.   He is now living in his dreamland of a  Turkish "sultan."  Amassing  ill-gotten wealth is second nature.  He  couldn't run a fourth term as  PM, so he got himself elected as the  President of Turkey in August  2014.   Constitutionally  the president's role is ceremonial but Erodgan  cannot reconcile with  that.  He is now focused on changing the  parliamentary system into a  presidential system with a strong and independent chief executive having extensive powers to satisfy his penchant  for absolute power.

In  a parliamentary system, the  president never presides over cabinet  meetings unless there is an  emergency or some extraordinary situation.   However, on January 19,  through some clever political manoeuvring  he granted himself the power  to chair an important cabinet meeting in his new and  lavish  presidential palace, AK Saray, that has more than a thousand  rooms.   The move dumped PM Ahmet Davutoglu into a non-entity.   Purportedly he  was piqued but just as helpless as any common Turk.  The  Erdogan family  along with their cheerleaders and backers of the AK Party  fit  perfectly into the definition of a menacing cult.

Neither  is the Turkish central bank able to function independently, an  institution that unconditionally needs to be separate from the  administration. Its  forecast shows inflation is expected to stand at  6.8% by end 2015 which  is still above the country's 5% target. Yet, in  mid January the dictator  barked at Central Bank officials insisting to  lower interest rates,  a step blatantly outside the president's  jurisdiction of formal duties.  A week  later the Bank lowered the rate  by 50 basis points, a decision seemingly  made under political pressure,  not economic reasons.

The secret behind changing Turkey  into a de facto presidential system is  the creation of brand new  positions for Rajjab Erdogan, his family and  sycophants - 'President  for Life' and his permanent wazirs.

When the   dazzling palace, Ak Saray, was completed at a total cost of a whopping   $615 million, some Turkish news sources reported it as having 1,000   rooms and the opposition leader, Kemal Kılıcdaroglu, criticized   Erdogan's extravagance.  Undaunted and brazen, Erdogan proudly replied, "You  are saying that it has 1,000 rooms, you are wrong.  It has more than  1,150 rooms, not 1,000.  Kılıcdaroglu does not even  know that."   His unabashed conceit has pushed him passed the stages of  defending himself  against criticism.  Rather he prefers to tease his  opponents with words  of acknowledgement far more astounding than the  criticism leveled  against him.

The Bahcesehir University Center for Economic & Social Research  recently revealed that two out of every three children in Turkey live in   extreme poverty.  Their families cannot  afford heating at home nor a  washing machine and they cannot afford to eat  meat, fish nor a wholesome vegetable meal .. not even once every two  days.  The situation has deteriorated infinitely after the influx of refugees  from neighboring Syria, a scenario for which the 'Sultan' is squarely  responsible.  Yet he defends his extravagance arguing that far more  costly palaces  exist in other parts of the world, citing the example  of Buckingham  Palace worth $7 billion.  Analogically that's a bit like a  criminal  attempting to exonerate himself by saying he killed only 5  whereas his  comrade killed 15.  Following bad examples is this crook's  vision of being a smart leader.  That was straight from the horse's  mouth.

"We wanted to build a work about which future generations will say: 'It is from here that the new Turkey was led." These are the words of Rajjab Erdogan on $615 million AK Saray covering an area of  "200,000   square meters - more than 30 times the size of the White House and   bigger even than France's majestic Palace of Versailles," states  The  Daily Star Lebanon.  It is the final stages of ethical depravity  when  your vices become sources of pride, self-worth, joy and  gratification.

It's to be seen for how much longer this  evil creature and a favorite partner of the West continues to gloat in his misguided dreams, enslaving the naive Turks by abusing their votes and grossly misrepresenting history.

Unfortunately  leaders with political pipe-dreams can make their people just as crazy  as themselves.  The Turks watched his devastating performance as PM for eleven long years, yet they helped him to office as president last  August. Unbelievable!   I thought Turks were smarter.  Or  perhaps it's a reaction on the rebound after Mostafa Kemal's lengthy era of hardline  secularism.  But a radical takfiri is no different from a radical  secularist.  It seems that Turkey is forever fated to be stuck with  either of the two extremes.  They only have themselves to blame.

AK Saray Palace worth $615 in a country where 2 out of every 3 kids live in extreme poverty.  It belongs to Erdogan, NOT to the "people" as this beast claims, lost in the depth of his hypocrisy. 

This is what he loves - makes him feel like a 'pasha'.   
December 2014, the ogre steps out of his palace thinking himself to be an Ottoman Sultan surrounded by protocol.   He is going to receive Vladimir Putin, one of the two guests at AK Saray.  The first was Pope Francis in November 2014.

Fact check:
Chairs first cabinet meeting; power grab
AK Saray - palace with 1150 rooms 
AK Saray - area 30 times bigger than WH

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  1. The bugger is still not happy with Turkey's central bank decision of cutting rates by 50 basis points. He says he will continue being sensitive to the matter, which discreetly implies he will keep fingering the bank till they bring the rate to a level suitable for the business interest of his family.

    No one likes high interest rates. But if you have decided going along with the global system with ambitions of joining the EU, then you have to play your cards accordingly. Central bank officials would certainly know better than Erdogan how to play those cards with less personal interest involved. Secondly, central bank is constitutionally supposed to be an independent body in every country, but AK parti never had any qualms breaking just about any rule that doesn't specifically suit them. With his current mindset, it would be better if this nagging oaf dismantled the central bank, supreme court and all other independent decision-making institutions and just made an announcement calling himself "king."

  2. Comical character, honestly! The Turks need to realize, he is sowing the seeds of the "president for life" system of governance. There is nothing Islamic about this man by any stretch of imagination, nothing at all! Would a man with a past record like his ever build a sprawling multimillion dollar palace only to live there for 4 years and then pass it on to his successors? No way! Wake up Turkey before a day comes when you kids have only flour-n-sugar cookies to eat for dinner.

  3. Your perception is right on target sister.


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