American "justice" and its endless surprises

Probably the quickest verdict in US history.  Psychopath Eddie Ray Routh was put on trial two weeks ago on February 11 for fatally shooting the lethal killer/sniper, Chris Kyle in 2013.  The trial began a day after atheist terrorist, Craig Stephen Hicks, murdered three innocent Muslim students in cold blood on February 10.  While there are no signs of Hicks' trial beginning any time soon, Routh has already been given the guilty verdict despite police records indicating the defendant suffered from ptsd.   Obviously this panel of jury is among those who watched and enjoyed "American Sniper."  Everyone deserves a fair trial including a wacko like Routh.  Worldwide release of the 'American Sniper' in January 2015 and its Oscar nominations in February 2015 meant Routh's trial was taking place the same time Kyle was being celebrated as a hero. Under the circumstances what were his chances of getting a fair trial?

The repeated public comment on Routh's verdict has been - "give him the death sentence immediately ... punishment for pointing a gun at someone." Had that been in sympathy to anyone else one would agree. But a man like Chris Kyle who himself pointed his gun at 255 people (mostly civilians) in a foreign land (Iraq) after a calculated preemptive invasion with deadly results eventually meets the same fate cannot be seen as a tragedy by any civilized person respecting justice.  Kyle's line of duty was that of a sadistic, pitiless butcher. Hopefully right now the sick soul of this pervert is rotting and stinking amidst the tall flames of Hellfire. Insh'Allah.

Image source:  Daily Mail

It was a common scenario in Iraq.  As the photo shows, this place was apparently a home of some unfortunate Iraq family.  Those SOBs known as U.S. marines would barge into anyone's home they wanted, throw out its occupants or simply gun them down and take over their home turning it into a military post for discreetly shooting Iraqi civilians on the streets.  That's America's idea of a nationalist, a hero, serving the country for which Hollywood spends millions carving images of those death-dealing terrorists to deepen the slumber of its 318 million lamebrains with record low IQs.