'American Sniper' - the most venomous marksman in the history of U.S. military.

Murderer, Chris Kyle, of U.S. Navy Seals is America's latest idol and the central figure of the loathsome movie,  'American Sniper.' The film "earned over $300 million since its release in November 2014" writes Brandon Martinez.  Wikipedia mentions of Kyle as "the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history with 160 confirmed kills."  The movie is another distasteful propaganda with the help of Hollywood, lauding and magnifying a cold-blooded killer and deluding the American public into believing the Iraqis welcomed the preemptive invasion of March 2003.

But did the movie mention that the Iraqis called this man “Shaitaan al-Ramadi” (Devil of Ramadi)?  What about GWB’s farewell in Iraq with a pair of size-10 shoes and today Muntazar Zaidi is one of the most popular personalities in the country, NOT Chris Kyle.  Glorifying a man for his expertise to kill is enough to prove how low a nation has sunk, morally and intellectually.

If you're interested in getting to know the truth, read the feature titled "The Dangerous Stupidity Behind 'American Sniper' Jingoism" by Brandon Martinez.

A WW2 veteran states in a talk-back on the above report at Non-Aligned Media:  "Having lived through WWII, I never remember any Nazi priding himself on the “number of kills” of human beings. Nor have I ever heard anyone of my fellow servicemen in RAF talk about being happy about killing someone, enemy or not. This bigoted swine, Kyle, was not even satisfied with the official number of his 'kills.'  He chose to increase that number by another hundred. Can any human on this planet get as low as that?"

Back in those days, military combat was looked upon as something one had to take care of; and the quicker it ended, the better.  Opposite to that, at present war and slaughter are seen as matters to gloat about.  Hollywood only makes this sick chauvinism much sicker!

Let’s not write off the negative fallout in a society of such bizarre glorification and how many copy-cats of the Ramadi Devil may pop up like Craig Stephen Hicks who fatally shot three young Muslims of a family in North Carolina yesterday, “execution style, a bullet in every head,” as stated by the father of two of the victims.

The only good bit about this story is that those who live by the sword, die by the sword.  In 2013 the monster, Chris Kyle, was killed the same way he killed dozens of others - shot fatally - by another marine known for his violent outbursts who once almost beat a colleague to death.

Rot in peace in the depth of Hell forever, Chris Kyle.

And this movie takes the cake for being the sickest ever in American history!

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  1. The trial of the guy who shot him dead begun a day or two ago, and according to media reports his wife was sobbing in the courtroom. Someone should ask her how the tears of grief taste when you lose a loved one; the same kind of tears were shed by scores of people who lost their loved ones at the hands of her killer husband.


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