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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Child soldiers of Burma (Myanmar)

If there is any force that can snatch the cake from the Zionists and ISIL (aka Al Qaeda) in sheer brutality and inhumanity, that would surely be the Buddhist military and monks of Burma.

Unabashed obsession  with racism is undeniably more among the Buddhists of Myanmar (silently  approved by the rest of the Buddhist community of the world) than any  other community notorious for racism.

The  apartheid that presently exists in Burma towards the minority Rohingya  Muslims is far more medieval and inhuman than the one which formerly  existed in South Africa.

To make matters worse, the meddling of imperial powers to heighten the efficacy of killers has become a mandatory policy.  Britain is spending £140,000 of its taxpayers' hard earned money for training one of the most cold-blooded armies in the world - the Burmese military.

The  burning desire of colonialists to intensify acts of destruction never  declines.   Genocide and rape of the Muslim minority in Burma by the  Burmese military and mobs led by Buddhist monks isn't only being ignored  by  these veiled criminals in Britain,  Europe and N. America but are assisted enthusiastically beneath the  facade of that old myth, """peaceful Buddhists."""     It isn't unusual to find dumbbells  addicted to indoctrination claim colonialism to be obsolete as a  practice and a terminology.   That's how much the MSM has succeeded in sheeplizing the sheeple.

This one from Press TV is worth a read.  


Just a reminder to forgetful minds ....

Information  below presents the face of the Burmese apartheid rampant across Burma  today and the silence of the decadent "first" world.


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