Why is my hijab your problem?

We've  heard of civil rights being violated on the streets, in shopping  centers, restaurants, even workplaces and schools/universities.  But  have you heard of anyone's basic rights being violated in a courtroom ... by  a judge ??  

In Montreal (Quebec), Rania El-Aloul's car was seized by  the automobile insurance board and she had to appear in court to get it  back.  In the courtroom Rania was told by the judge that she had to  remove her hijab otherwise her case would not be heard.  When Rania  refused, the case was suspended indefinitely. 

"The fact that in this situation, in a courtroom of all places,  someone's fundamental rights weren't respected is absolutely  unacceptable and we expect that there will be consequences." - Justin Trudeau.

Quebec court judge's hijab removal decision sparks widespread criticism