Failure of World Without Genocide and continuation of Burma's unmasked inhumanity

Banging your head against a brick wall never yields any positive results.  It was no different recently for World Without Genocide which makes it hard to understand its strange optimism.

To vividly illustrate the definitions of non-fulfillment as well as hypocrisy, an international organization - World Without Genocide - visited Burma in a mission to educate Buddhist monks on human rights who have since long sunk far below the level of humanity and well into the subhuman category.  World Without Genocide conducted classes in Buddhist monasteries in Burma attended by scores of monks (many of whom had plenty of blood on their hands) telling them the stories of Holocaust survivors, apparently meant to awaken their conscience and to discourage them from carrying out a similar genocide (if not far worse)  against the minority Rohingyas.   Reportedly, according to World Without Genocide, the Buddhist monks were "moved" by the stories of Auschwitz survivors .. yet to no avail.  There are NO reports by World Without Genocide nor any other source that any of these monks expressed a word of remorse perpetrating the same genocide against the Rohingyas and the implementation of the most fierce apartheid in human history since the last three years.

It's interesting to note that earlier an official of World Without Genocide  described  the barbarism against the Rohingyas as “reminiscent of early actions Nazis took against the Jews of Europe .. torture, rape, forced labor, containment in camps with deplorable conditions, and killings.” All Rohingyas who are still trapped in Burma (their native land) are compelled to suffer intense apartheid conditions.  Yet, while visiting Burma, none of the members of World Without Genocide had a shred of courage to be more upfront and tell the Buddhist monks of their glaring similarity with the Nazis.  It's the sort of gentle treatment the international community believes in providing to radicals and cold-blooded killers around the globe.

Three years of country-wide slaughter, rape and persecution of the minority Rohingya Muslims in apartheid stricken Burma (starting June 2012) along with human trafficking of fleeing Rohingyas in Burma/Thailand border hasn't been enough for the Buddhist majority of Burma, its government, its opposition and the Western governments to give a break to the most persecuted minority in the world.  As the Burmese election of October 2015 draws closer, the Rohingyas are now being used as major pawns by the Burmese government and the opposition for the purpose of electoral success.

World Without Genocide is struggling to be optimistic, hoping its efforts might bear fruits describing its visit to Burma as a small step in bringing peace to a country with a radicalized majority.  The Organization is simply building castles in thin air.  Its visit to Burma cannot even be described as a 'small step.'  The goal of World Without Genocide has NOT been achieved at all.  The Buddhist zealots have shown their backs to the officials of WWG and continue cavorting in the depths of inhumanity.  The international community has been soft, if not entirely supportive, towards this genocide.  The least it can do is to be honest about the murderers it protects.


WWG's visit to Burma

Burma's scapegoat - the Rohingyas

Watch several heart rending images of Rohingyas in concentration camps speaking to relatives via internet from whom they've been separated during the genocide.  Personal conversations with their loved ones are at a very public place, yet the Rohingyas are in no position to complain of that.  At least they got a chance to speak to their loved ones.   There are also images of compelling conversations of tearful Rohingyas with human trafffickers along the borders of Burma/Thailand who have kidnapped family members of numerous Rohingyas and are demanding a high price for their release.  A merchant who funnels money to the traffickers for releasing kidnapped victims has set up an internet hut within a cluster of concentrations camps where the Rohingyas are imprisoned by the Burmese authorities.   The article is titled "Reunions and ransoms in Burma" published in The Atlantic.



Links given are the sources of both images.