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Friday, March 13, 2015

Israel / Al Nusra cooperation against the Resistance

Images recently released by Press TV show Al-Nusra Front talking directly to Israeli soldiers in Israeli occupied Golan Heights. 

The town of Quneitra and its Governorate (often known as "gateway to Damascus" from the west) in Syrian controlled Golan Heights has seen some of the most fierce battles in the ongoing Syrian war.  The precise date of these pictures isn't known.  It's some time during end of summer 2014.  ISIL had already occupied parts of Iraq and Syria by June 2014 establishing its so-called caliphate and joined by majority of "Syrian rebels."  Al-Nusra Front launched the Quneitra offensive early September 2014, ravaging the region and coming at the doorstep of Israeli occupied Golan Heights.  That's what we see in these images.
Israel has been providing medical treatment to injured Al Nusra and ISIL fighters in makeshift military hospitals in Golan Heights since the spring of 2011.  Israeli army has carried out several  air strikes against Syria, mainly targeting Hezbollah forces, to assist terrorist fighters in Syria.  Bombing of a Hezbollah convoy by Israel last January was stated by Hezbollah as an attack coordinated between Tel Aviv and Al-Nusra.


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