Jacques Leider - Myanmar's effective collaborator

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As is typical of  the United Nations that when it is unable to handle a bunch of  murderous carpetbaggers, it bands together with them.  Though initially  the UN had itself condemned the growing apartheid in Burma against the  minority Rohingya Muslims, it has now appointed a notoriously biased ""academic""  from Luxembourg, Jacques Leider, as adviser to the Burmese Buddhist government.  This strange creature with a visibly abnormal appearance talks just as insanely as he looks.  To justify the Burmese apartheid by  denying citizenship to the indigenous Rohingyas living in north-western  Burma since centuries and not permitting them to vote in the upcoming  Burmese elections of October 2015, Leider claims that the term "Rohingya is not an ethnic concept" but "a political label after the independence of Burma."   Burma got its independence in 1948 while solid historical data tells us  that Rohingya Muslims have been living in north-west Arakan province of  Burma since the 1400s and the Rohingya language is just as old.  That  was a very poorly constructed fable by Leider. 

This man is officially acting as a willing accomplice to the crime of genocide by  Burmese authorities against the country's minority Muslims that began  brazenly and fearlessly in June 2012.  It's the newest scheme of Myanmar and its Western partners upon which work has begun faster than  expected.  Wikipedia's definition of "Rohingya" has already been  manipulated on the lines of Jacques Leider's distasteful lies.

Story of Jacques Leider's collaboration with Burma's killers
UN under fire over resident coordinator’s advisor on Rakhine

And there's more.  Read about the face of Buddhist terror at Washington Post titled Why does this Buddhist-majority nation hate Muslims so much?     Along side Islamophobia, another reason Burmese officials mention to justify genocide against the Muslim minority is that Burmese Buddhists  think they they have ""white skin.""  Seriously sick feral creatures !!

If  you are not yet familiar with the massive ongoing genocide against the  Muslim minority of Burma (Myanmar), then please read the summary of this  story as below by Burma Task Force USA, a coalition of several Muslim organizations and activists.

Source of image:  Burma Task Force Newsletter 

"Rohingyas  are indigenous people who are living in their own ancestral lands on  the border of Burma.  While Muslims have lived in the area for many  hundreds of years, Rohingya have been noted by European travelers for  over 200 years, even before the British Colonial powers drew national  borders in the middle of their fishing and farming territories.   International law supports the right of all peoples to choose their own  name and to work for their own future.

The United Nations considers the Rohingya  Muslims of Burma to be one of the most persecuted minorities in the  world.  What is happening to the Burmese Muslim population?  Why has  their population decreased by over a million according to many  estimates?

This is the story of a “slow-burning genocide” against the Rohingya people in Burma, which is sometimes called a “Hidden Genocide” as well.  Even when the government denies any attack, satellite imagery  can indicate the aftermath of government-orchestrated mob attacks  against Rohingya villages.  But satellite imagery cannot track every  Rohingya who has been forced to become internally displaced or a  stateless refugee. Satellites cannot show the face of every child or old  person incarcerated in a Displaced Persons Camp without medical care,  dead of starvation or easily treatable diseases.

Burma Task Force is working to create domestic  and international pressure to improve the treatment of Rohingya by the  Burma government.  The 2015 elections will determine the future of  Burma, but the government of Burma has already refused to count the  Rohingya in the national census.