Never be stupid enough to take stories from the government at face value

Images  like these are often circulated around the world with the patent tag of  Assad as the scapegoat.  That the war was his idea, to kill his people,  continue his rule, and the barrage of malicious humbug that go with it.   But there's never a whisper on the merciless strangulation caused by  killer-sanctions on countries like Iran and Syria (and now Russia too) and their shattering impact on civilians, most of all children. 

After  sanctions are approved by Congress, they're carefully planned and  systematically stepped up by one of the most hurtful pro Zion bureaus  within the U.S. Deptt. of Treasury - Office of Foreign Assets Control or  OFAC - to ensure  maximum devastation of civilian population.

Syria  and post-revolution Iran, two of the most peaceful lands with excellent  welfare systems are on the line of heavy fire by Israel's allies aiming  at total annihilation of the present societies and raising new ones  with brand new indoctrination.

Writes  Franklin Lamb "Going back to the 1980’s Syria was among best countries  in the Middle East and North Africa to be a child. Today, due in no  small measure to US-led sanctions it is becoming one of the worst. The  sanctions which increasingly affect most aspects of domestic life has  caused the death of thousands before their first birthday with more than  three million children suffering life-threatening effects from  prolonged and rising malnutrition and food deprivation by the time they  reach five years."
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